Friday, March 19, 2010

Very Truly Yours, You're Fired!

You know, I actually thought it would be pink.  Nope.  Regular white paper, on a letterhead that I have used a few times myself for much more pleasant things.  I don't even get the original, just a photocopy.  At least I have been "honorably discharged".  The shame of it is that honor is one of the last things from my mind.  I think disappointedly discharged or boy this really sucks but you're discharged may be more honest.  (And yes, I do understand what it actually means.)
In the future, some more posts from others.  I'll probably put some posts online during spring break. I've had a number of replies and emails since this started, and they are worth sharing.  Being that grades are due this week, I haven't had a lot of time to catch up on the blog... 
So... spring break... job hunting, blogging, and perhaps a cool refreshing beverage.


  1. I've read your posts and want to pass on good wishes and, if you don't mind, prayers for all of you who are going through the loss of income and all the changes that come with it. I have received 3 letters like the above over the past 19 years and each time, it doesn't hurt any less. This go round, I am a "displaced component" who, I suppose, could potentially be sitting at what would've been your desk. The thought of it makes me uncomfortable as I know you and all the riffed teachers will be missed dearly by staff and students. I am going to miss the staff I leave behind as well, the art room that I have transformed over the years into a ceiling gallery of artists and artwork, a personal library of books my students take home to read about drawing and artists, but most of all I'll miss my kids.

    It's been a privilege for me to witness the growth of my students from kindergarten though sixth grade. From their Kindergarten 1st day "potato people" to amazing self portraits, perspective pieces, and complex designs. I have celebrated their birthdays with them, helped them make cards for their parents who are ill, and consoled them when they have lost a grandparent, parent or sibling.

    Wherever I end up, I do not expect to "replace" anyone, as there is no "replacing of individuals". How could I? Every teacher has their own talents and strengths which cannot and should not be duplicated by another. I hope to come into my new position to contribute to what has already taken place and to put forth my best effort in educating the students in my passion: art.

    Truly, you are in our family's prayers. Talented people are always in need. Keep up the faith and your passion. As for your beverage over break, might I suggest something with a tropical feel. I already had my Bahama Mama on Thursday.

  2. I also was rif'd...Lovely! Funny though my letter, which says about the same thing, was much shorter. Figured we would all get the same.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about this. It is a sad and difficult time for (art) teachers right now. Best of luck!